Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cantering in paddock

I know alot of Level 2'ers did this in L1 but riding in a halter/hackamore was really a big scary deal for me - having only just started to ride 4 years ago....

Pre-Parelli Garbo had (once) spooked at a pine cone falling out of a tree in paddock and promptly did a 180 degree turn, when I fell off....hard ground - ouch - so since then I have been 'reluctant' to canter outside the arena. Funny how one thing like that gives you the heebie jeebies.

We have been doing so well cantering in the arena and riding out and about on the property. We went into the paddock briefly the other day - so I decided to go back in today - not really even planning on doing anything in particular (apart from walk round the paddock and trot over a small jump)....that was a big enough challenge I thought - but I was not nervous...those days have long gone (thank you Parelli)...

So we were doing some point to point and ride round things and back to jump (for a treat).....then he just offered canter. I could not believe how smooth and slow and relaxed his canter was - and he even offered it more than once. This is my LBI Swedish Warmblood....!! On the way back to the stable - (finishing on a good note) he started trotting down the race...had to pinch myself....but he stopped with one rein lifted (yay - I love my horse).

I love this programme!! The results just leave me speechless.

Best thing is I don't have to put my outside leg back to go sideways or canter, which always used to get me off balance.... this is a much better way....

*grinning from ear to ear* - which is really nice after all the crying last week after I had to put Blue to sleep


Viv said...

Yea for you!!

I just fell off riding and I know I should go get back on, but I have work to do with her first and then I'll feel safer. It just doesn't leave your mind to get hurt like that as an adult, I think.

Good for you that you have such a great feel for him that he can offer such a beautiful canter (I think I'd call it a lope at that speed!) :)

I am so sorry you had to put Blue down. What a devastating loss for you, but I applaud you for getting out of your grief for Garbo's sake and yours!

Hugs, naturally!


Vicki said...

Well that spook where I fell off was a year ago! So it took a while and 7 months of Parelli - but I think without Parelli I would still be trying to do it (and not)...

Yes, I had a fall when I first started learning and broke my arm right up by my shoulder so they could not cast it - man it hurt! So very fearful of falling off now. But being able to read your horse before that happens (and get off) is fab!