Sunday, February 3, 2008

Plastic bag

After watching Linda doing yo yo along side a fence, back and forwards, using a plastic bag on the end of the CS instead of the string - I thought - that looks cool - I wanna try that.

Guess what? Didn't play enough friendly with the plastic bag on end of CS!. Garbo loves plastic bags normally - they usually have food in them!! But on the end of the CS and moving - well that was a little hairy for him. A few snorts and jumps.... so more friendly needed! I'll do it every day for a while now.

Anyway - couldn't help myself - and my direct line thinking took over - tried the yo yo anyway. It worked but he was keeping a very close eye on that bag!

Then we tried change of direction!

Well what can I say - he is showing a new appreciation of the carrot stick.

I am slowly getting my head round the carrot stick being an extension of me, and it being like a horse would be - sometimes friendly, but with the upped energy and mother-in-law face it's a dominant horse being grumpy, snappy....

Before that I could not figure out how we would play friendly with the carrot stick and string and then use it to drive (the horse away) zones. But the penny is slowly dropping.

We did some sideways at trot!

Rode after that, didn't do much canter today - I think I had made myself a bit nervous after all the plastic bag stuff!! Went into the paddock anyway - Garbo was an angel though.

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