Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First day of play since Thursday

We had a storm over the weekend and then I got really busy yesterday with the land/barn/build plans so poor Garbo had 4 days in the paddock without any play or grooming.

So I got him out and gave him a big groom. It was really cool there was no one at the farm so we could just chill out and take our time.

After that we did some stuff on the ground, and I was trying to establish a nice trot in the circle - and I actually got it. He didn't stop too often and was good at going back into trot with just a point in the end.

Then we tried change of direction the difficult way and he did the most beautiful change so I disengaged him and asked him in for a rest.

We did a bit more going the other way and another couple of changes and then some backing up again.

He is still finding it very hard with zone 2-4 in a narrow space - so as I took him into the paddock I backed him up about 4 times back through the gate (half shut) with apples in my hand.

He did that really well.

Could have played for ages more but had to be up at the block at 4.30pm to meet the digger man and the power man.

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Viv said...


Hello there! Glad to hear you got to go play in between obligations...always seems like there is something else to do but glad you could take the time to go see your wonderful horse. He is a beauty.

Glad, too, to hear your drought is nearing an end. I have a friend in NSW who has horses, as well, and now has green grass, finally and water in the tanks. I hope it doesn't all fall at once, though and cause problems.

Have a great day, m'dear and savvy on!

Love from the States,