Thursday, February 28, 2008

7 games with Deva

I was going to play a bit with Garbo today as I didn't have enough time to ride and because the DQ yard people are away I let him out of his paddock without a halter and after a nibble he followed me to the float and then we went down to see Deva. Deva's owner was there and she suggested a play (she likes her horse to be a horse too). Sadly I missed capturing most of the action and acrobatics - but got a little driving and sideways on video


cilla said...

short but very sweet video of the gorgeous garbo in action. cool!
cilla xxx

Viv said...

Hey Vicki!

Thanks for the mention in your earlier blog. I feel famous now! :)

Loved the story about Wednesday's challenges, as as Cilla already said, great job pulling those savvy arrows out of your quiver! I'm still adding to mine and trying to remember what ones I have! I LOVED the video!! You know, a horse is beautiful, no matter what, but when he's in motion, there's just nothing else in the world to compare it to. I love the "pose" for the camera, too! Like he knows he's gorgeous! What a ham!

See you very soon!! (virtually)