Monday, January 21, 2008

R.I.P Blue

That photo was the last photo I took of Blue before he passed away. And it's such a cute one.

Poor Blue had colic when I arrived on Monday 21st January 2008, at 3pm - I called the vet - they seemed to take ages to get there - they tried pain killers and anti-spasmodic injection. He improved slightly but about 6pm he started to get worse again. I knew at 9pm I was going to be faced with a horrible decision soon.... I couldn't bear to see him so tired - from all the getting up and down - and he was obviously in pain.

I called another vet, but then had to do what was best for Blue - as he just wa not getting better - and I could not see how he could recover from that point.

I stayed with him while Phil gave him a sedative first and then the injection - apart from Blue falling to the ground, it was reasonably peaceful - I stayed with him the whole time - in tears. It was hard to leave him - at 11pm we put some covers over him, and the next day he was buried in the paddock he died in - Garbo's paddock. Garbo misses him... and I do too - alot.

He was such a cute horse - and he was so loving and gentle.

Thanks for your time with me Blue - those 3 years went so fast.

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