Friday, January 11, 2008

Moving closer, staying longer

Today we did some more cantering - the transitions now are phase 2 which is great - need to get them to phase one - and I feel so comfortable cantering, with my thumb under my bum and loose reins! My legs don't grip and Garbo doesn't feel like he is rushing or out of control. It's wonderful.

I tried doing drop to trot by removing the canter lead by lifting that side of the rein.

Then we ventured out to the race and we trotted half of the race (that's a first) and then went into the big end paddock and trotted in there too. Rewarded by munches of grass - Garbo seemed to be having a great time. Only got a little way into the paddock - almost to the other side from the gate but about as far over as the trough (it's the same paddock that Garbo spooked at something over the other side and I fell off - ages ago).

Oh - and we did sideways down the race also.

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