Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blues progress

Think we are up to Blues 6th Parelli session (or 7th).... and I was amazed this last session how far he has come.

I have realised that the slack in the 22ft line dragging on the ground makes him speed up so I spent 30 minutes leading him around the paddock with the rope dragging along behind me (and beside him) until he relaxed and realised it wasn't actually a snake.

Russell Higgins said that circle game problems stem from a problem with driving game or friendly game - so in Blues case definitely the Friendly Game. So anyhow I decided just to do some sending through small spaces, squeeze game, and sent him into the stall, stop half way through the opening - that was hard, but got easier. Then up and down to and from the wash bay (ledge of about 1foot), through a gap where two open gates meet in the race - until he did it calmly. It all went really well.

So time to try the circle game again I think. After lots of friendly of course.

ps I can't go near him with the carrot stick yet - I actually don't need it yet..... he changes direction on the circle with the slightest signal....and I can easily drive him with air or my hands...

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