Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dentist again for Maraschino

6 months up already and his next dentist appointment was due. Turns out he's doing a great job of shedding his baby teeth all by himself - including both his wolf teeth! She just had a few sharp areas to rasp. Funny boy keeps biting the rasp so she can't move it!

It was the most gorgeous day and Maraschino waited patiently while I went and got my camera.

We used the gag again with molasses and Coco was licking the bottom of it as it was dripping off - too cute.

All in all he's lost all but 4 caps which are not due to be lost till 4.5 years old.


Twinnie said...

Sounds as if everything is going well! Was this on Friday?? Wet here today!

Vicki said...

Yes. It was Friday. We had some heavy rain this morning till about 830 then just a few drizzle showers today.