Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2 stepping it up

It absolutely hosed down from 4am to noon (35mm) so the whole place was very wet and soggy and when I got the boys in to feed them it was threatening to start peeing down again so I thought - errrrr - I'll just not do anything today with Mr Maraschino (not having an arena or anything).... but he wasn't eating his dinner very peacefully - kept looking out over in the far distance - head high. So once I had done all the chores I haltered him and we had a wee play.

I backed him into things... the wheelbarrow, over a pole (backwards no less!), into the yard rails, the hayshed door, then we did some more sideways - all this while the neighbours were fluffing around outside and making sudden noises.... and their dog crying....

We did some more - step over the pole and stop.... it's amazing how small my forward please ask has to be to get him to not go all the way over....and to counter act too much forwards I lift the rope and he backs up over it again.... sheeesh... very very small asks for everything for this boy.

We had a big wait and he started grazing. After a bit he 'snighed' - that's my new word... it's a sigh snort....big breath in (like he's been holding it) and a snort sigh out. He does it alot. Usually after the scary thing - not in reaction to it. So after he snighed we did some more sideways, some more backing into things, some more turn and face slooooowly, and then I thought he'd had enough for one day. So we backed through the gateway (gate only a horse width space open) and backed into his yard. He's calm now and snoozing in the sun.

Garbo's so snoozy he's leaning on the yard rail.

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