Sunday, June 27, 2010

Michelle's visit

My friend who starts horses the natural way came over to see how Maraschino was coming along this afternoon. Before she arrived I got the boys in - it's quite soggy in the paddocks as you can see from Garbo's feet!

I put Garbo in his yard and waiting in the washbay with Maraschino after giving him a brush. I just sat down on the chair and spend some UDT. He was online but able to wander off if he wanted. He just spend most of the time with his head in my lap. Trying to eat my fingers, the rope, the popper, my camera....

Cute photo huh...

Michelle arrived soon after and she was amazed how big he had grown. She said she'd play with Maraschino and I could take Garbo up the road which was great - Garbo got to go for a big walk - he really loves going up there.

He saw Wilma the neighbour's horse (he likes her) and the cows, got to have some grass, and chat to the other neighbours and talk through their big massive puddle.

Then we headed back and we stayed int he washbay working with the plastic bag while Michelle took Maraschino up the road. She said he was a bit jumpy by the flaxes (it was windy and cold today) but he soon relaxed. She did Fig 8's and lots of changes of direction - she said patterns are the key for him to get calm.

When she got back she said I had done a really good job and he was definitely ready to start. Cool!! Uh Oh. I haven't passed Level 3 yet! I am hoping to build a round pen in spring, and then we'll be ready.... there is lots we can do in the meantime. She showed me how to sidle up next to him where my leg would go, holding the rope on his withers, and to lead him off as if I was riding, and then to do a one rein stop from Zone 3 too. So that's something she said I can't do too much of - plus lots of flapping and noises etc...he's already getting better with the plastic bag.

Garbo was much better with the flag today too - really pleased - no snorting today.

Guess what - I am thinking of doing a 2 week course - Level 3 breakthrough at Pagosa in August next year!! eeeeekkkk


Cilla said...

Vicki!! Pagosa!? Yes yes ans yes do it!
That's the course I am doing at the end of May next year!

c x

Emma Kline said...

do it! wouldn't that be great?!

Vicki said...

it's actually for Level 2 students but I still think I would get alot out of it - and I really want to advance my fluidity - and that seems the best one without doing a 4 week course (that also seems based on those wanting to do things professionally)....

I feel I have gaps in my L2/L3 so it would be a good filler.... and of course you will always learn something right!!!

Vicki said...

so - it's called
moving into level 3
For the confident student who is ready to advance in three Savvys: On Line, FreeStyle, and Liberty. this unique course is for students looking to jump start their progress through Level 2 and into Level 3, while unveiling the psychology behind why On Line and Liberty build to FreeStyle! if you have Fast track Course goals, but need to advance your horsemanship, this course is made for you!
Recommended for students self-assessed half-way through Level 2.
• Learn the secrets to excellence with your horse • Start putting On Line to a purpose while playing at greater distances • Discover truth, transparency and trust with your horse at Liberty • Bring your fluidity to the next level • Advance your fun and savvy on the trail • Build a foundation for bridleless riding • Develop the pre requisites for riding with Finesse

Twinnie said...

Ha!! Good for you - look forward to hearing more...!!


PS Loved the pics of Mr Maraschino...he's a special boy....