Saturday, June 19, 2010

Imaginary scary things

Maraschino really has been having a dose of OMG everything is going to eat me alive! I let them out of the yards this morning - although I noticed Maraschino had not touched his hay (mind on other things perhaps)... and they all headed straight towards the side of the track that has the "thing" somewhere in the far distance that's really scary. George and I can't see anything of course, or hear anything - although the wind is coming from that direction at he moment.

Didn't take long for Maraschino to start running around - at first I thought - well he's going to have to figure it out for himself - but after an hour of him doing point to point, turn and face, wait briefly, then trot or canter back the other way again - I decided I would need to intervene. I watched him for a bit to see if he was working towards solution - he was shaking his head alot and cantering with his tongue swishing out about 4 inches!! He was on the brink of trying to think but just couldn't do it.

I recalled the article in the last savvy times about this lady who took her horse to Pagosa and he became RBE in the round pen and started galloping around. The instructor casually asked her if she was best serving her horse by allowing it to continue. She didn't mention what she did next - she was L1. So I tried to halter him but he reared up when he felt the pressure on his poll from the halter, I lost him, but he kept coming back towards me like he was looking for leadership - so I enlisted my hubby to help (he doesn't ride but he has a great relationship with Maraschino) and we got him in a yard. Then I could halter him. He calmed down alot instantly.

I took his cover off - he was soaking in sweat and really tucked up, I don't think he'd eaten much last night - and certainly nothing yesterday or this morning. I spent some time moving him in the small wash bay area, using porcupine and driving - he was really really responsive and sensitive - everytime he looked in the direction of the "horse eating invisible monster" and froze his stare, I used what ever it took to get his head facing another way. This sometimes meant a bonk on the nose with the CS.

He responded well to head down commands and soon was licking and chewing and then sticking his head under my arm (very ostrich like). We did more porcupine and driving, moving FQ and HQ, backing up, squeeze.... then he was calm enough to hose off (warm water as it's freezing today).... then I stuck a polar fleece on him and put him in his yard. He would just stand at one end and stare towards the direction of the 'thing".

I went out to get some breakfast and some supplies. I got some valerian and some DeToxify - I have seen some mushrooms growing so I think the grass may be a bit toxic again giving him these heightened senses and reactions. This is the guy who doesn't car about the green ball or tarps etc.

So it's now nearly 2pm and he's had 20mls of valerian and some detoxify. He's not 'looking' so much and I have seen him eating in between so he's starting to calm I think.... in between these looks! As you can see - Garbo cares less.

How interesting though - very RBE this morning!

My track!!

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Twinnie said...

Gosh Maraschino is like Cameo horsenailty wise - super alert when the others really don't care....welcome to the world of trying to ride the RBI that can go RBE very quickly unless you do something!!

I had a ride today - v hyped to start with but calmed down nicely -only walked and did lots of COD - stopped when she stopped and had HUGE yawns and a massive shudder/release though her body...