Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mixed day

Early morning this morning...

My friend who starts horses (the Parelli way) told me today that Maraschino was most likley trying to get my attention by running around so much (RBE extreme) - and that perhaps he was ready to step up his work load (he's 4 in October). So she wisely suggested I start seperation training for Garbo - Garbo hates it if I leave him alone (and no - Coco does not count as a horse to him). He doesn't run around he just bucks and bunny hops pretty much on the spot and gets all emotional. About 5 years ago we were doing some seperation training with him and we left him in a paddock - walked away about 6m and by then Garbo had jumped the gate from a standstill and was standing next to me.

So - I haltered Maraschino and fed Garbo in his stall. I took Maraschino out to the orchard paddock (it's very small), and played a little bit with him there. At first Garbo was too busy eating - so we headed up to the pedestal - he got on and I gave him a carrot. Then we headed for the top gate and out of sight from Garbo (even if he ran up to the gate)... I heard Garbo call out about 2 minutes later so we headed back. He wasn't too bad so we played again for a little bit right in sight then headed off again - this time when we came back Garbo was all flustered so we stayed for longer - then walked round the long way (around the barn) and in through he other gate. Stopping at the pedestal for a carrot each time we passed it of course.

I could hear Garbo calling out and having a wee buck, and wee run, but he stops as soon as he hears me.

And we ended it there (it was actually about 30 minutes).

My friend told me to start slow with Maraschino and I reviewed my RBE poster.... we did all 7 games including the plastic bag on the carrot stick with driving game as well as friendly. He is super super sensitive. Sideways is his worst at the moment. We went over a pole, turn face and wait a few times. A few circles out of Garbo's sight, with COD, and some squeeze between the fence and me... and a bit more sideways - real slow - over the pole. You know what he did successfully - pole between two front feet! Couldn't quite get the back feet. His HQ are harder to move in little increments (usually an over reaction so the move is six steps instead of half a step)... even with just touching the hair.

Did lots of rope swinging while walking - for a right brain he is very very considerate of my space. He's been calmer tonight so far - and I found he's been chewing the yard rail too - so have upped his copper and magnesium as well (since his muscles have been quite tight too). Hoping that will help.

Check these sweet faces out!! Butter wouldn't melt hey!! I added some toys to his yard too as yo can see.

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