Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plastic Bag Day 2

Coco giving Maraschino a groom - I got to see his teeth!

Maraschino giving Coco a bite!
Coco the fluff monster.

Yes, I know - I missed a day yesterday. But this is still Day 2.

Garbo was just as suspicious of the bag on the stick today, but we managed to get a wee bit of relaxation with me rubbing it in his wither. I was leaning on the pole to try and really relax my energy. I rubbed him all over and still the main big reaction is near his ears, and eyes, and also if the bag blows over the top of his mane to his offside eye. At one point I thought he was going to say "I'm outta here" but he snorted instead and you know what he kept doing - touching my face with his nose as if he was asking me to stop. At one stage I walked him round the wash bay while rubbing him with it. Again not 100% but not trying to leave.... here's hoping we start seeing some improvement soon.

I kept on until he was putting his head down again and not making it higher. I always have to choose windy days of course where the bag gets a mind of it's own.

When we were done I put the stick and bag on the chair and let him investigate. Got a wee bit on video too.

Got this Dublin Fleece top for $34 at the local saddlery shop!! Bargain! The boys were alot calmer today - thank goodness as they'd been in the yards so much and ruined half the grass.


Twinnie said...

LOve the pic of you and your boys!

Cilla said...

I started carrying both c/s' to the school. I start friendly with the c/s and savvy string, then change to the one with the bag. Today she was perfectly ok with the bag. Win!
I found having the bag helps me to not move the c/s so much either as I can hear it rattling the minute I move it.
c x

Kerrin Koetsier said...

You have some lovely photos of your boys! Looks like they have a great relationship both with each other, and you.

Kerrin Koetsier
Parelli Central

Vicki said...

Hi Kerrin
Well even though Garbo (the Palomino) is head horse they all really like each other really... well I can't say Garbo would be worried if he never saw Coco again.. (the mini) - don't think he classes him as a 'horse' lol


Kerrin Koetsier said...

hehe, well they say that friends come in all shapes and sizes!

Parelli Central