Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plastic Bag Day 3

Well - finally we didn't have a really windy day to add to the drama of the plastic bag. But - we did however get a big reaction!
Garbo started off just standing still with em rubbing the bag on the end of the stick all over his body - then it got to his head and he moved so quick nearly jumping on top of me and doing a 180 in readiness to leave! Snorting as he went...

I managed to regain myself enough to manage to leave the bag near where it was, until he calmed down then retreated. We carried on a bit more, him freezing/standing still staring until it got near his ears/eyes, and he would back up and try and get outta there. We continued like this for quite a while till he lowered his head and I stopped there.

Then I tried Maraschino. First time with the flag and he was fine. Interestingly he didn't like it near his head/ears if I was standing in front of him, but he was ok if I approached it from Zone 3.

I also did some work on ropes around his head and ears too as he has major over-reactions to ropes, especially fast moving ones... haven't got the tossing of the rope over his head yet - good task challenge for winter I say!

I also asked Maraschino to move over towards me (like mount from a fence)...

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Cilla said...

That should kep you busy then!
Breeze has the same reaction to ropes over her head, we are playing with that one.
c x