Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little bits here and there

It's been really wet so far this winter but I did do a little bit with both the big boys the other day - some things that Russell showed me last time he was here were things I can do in the wash bay and avoid the mud.

I had the lead rope under their necks with my arms on either side of their neck like I was riding them - then had the end of the lead rope in the far hand and about half way down in the other, forming a loop under the neck. Then I stand in Zone 3 and left the rope up so that some pressure exerts under their neck (in preparation for savvy string riding) - as soon as they move back a step (and then 2,3,4....) I release. They both did it really well.

Tomorrow I am going to try a couple of things off the beginning of the May Mastery Lesson - backing them up from Zone 3 (facing their nose) and then moving the FQ away a step at the same time to teach them to back up and not turn their HQ away.

Secondly - Sideways - walk like a monster - really going to try that out... (with your arms out like Frankenstein). Then after a bit of sideways along the rail, disengage the HQ, and walk around the horse to end up on the other side of them to prepare to sideways back the other direction.

Squeeze Game - if your horse doesn't go through enough (far enough away) add a little flick of the fingers at the nose with the same hand you ask for the squeeze with - to make them go a bit further with Zone 1 before turning and facing - sounds like an excellent one for Garbo.

I am not going to watch any more until I have tried all those.

One week till the shortest day people!!

Oh - I forgot to say - Maraschino was a bit better with bringing his feet forward at the trimming session last week....


Cilla said...

Noooo! Longest day here soon! Then winter wil be coming!:( It's been wet here too.

Twinnie said...

Good idea to get a few things at a time solid...
I should try that!