Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tommy Behrns

As I suspected once I saw Tommy - Garbo's offside hip was out. He fixed it in a nano second - it always cracks me up the shocked look on Garbo's face as he gets the treatment - Tommy uses rubber hammers... but you could see instantly how he was no longer favouring his rear right leg. He said even the hoof on the inside had worn straight along, because he was not putting his full weight on it.

I feel bad that it took me so long to get it fixed as Garbo fell over late February - but by the time I realised it wasn't muscular I had to wait 6 weeks to see Tommy as he lives in Christchurch. He said he was in quite alot of pain (make me feel bad!)...but the walk afterwards was much improved and by the way Garbo is back to chasing the others I think he's feeling much better.

When we arrived (just around the corner form our place), Garbo was on high alert as there were no other horses in sight and he's never ever been there before either - and although we were early the people before us had already gone and so he wanted to treat him straight away. So he asked me to take him into the box. Not exactly what Garbo needed right then but he wanted his girl to handle/hold him while he treated him.... and he's nice and calm with them - so is she, so I said ok.

After treatment Garbo was still on high alert and then some other horses started to arrive just as we were trying to load - of course it was all much to exciting to get on the float and he lost alot of his confidence - ie would get on the float with me leading him but as soon as I got off - he did too.

Didn't help that I felt very much on show with a whole lot of traditional horse people around including the lady that owns the place, and then offering to help etc. For the first time in ages I felt self conscious of my carrot stick. After about 30 minutes Gabrielle offered to do up the ramp after I led him in and I took her up on the offer. I didn't feel I could work Garbo since he has to have two weeks off and then only walking after that for two more weeks.... so I was in a bit of a catch 22. He was fine doing it that way and off we went home again finally. Phew what a day!

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Twinnie said...

well done you - sounds like you adjusted to fit the situation to me......

Hope he is still doing well. Jx