Monday, May 17, 2010

Yes - I am still here...

Well I was away for a week in Arizona.... got to go for a horse ride in the desert which was pretty cool - it was just walk all the way so I didn't wear a helmet since they were all 'shared' ones.... it was nice for a change not to have one and I felt safe enough and able to 'read' the horse and get off if I had to. His name was Chilli Pepper. I was the only one in the group who rode regularly so they said "you can have chilli pepper" and pointed to this Paint horse standing away from the others tied up. I thought - why would he be called Chilli Pepper and why was he the choice for me. I still don't know - he certainly wasn't hot. They told me not to use my legs - I said I don't anyway.

I spent quite a bit of time while the others figured out how to get on (oh - did I mention I had to get on from the grounded un-assisted!!).... patting him on the neck and scratching between his ears so I think he decided I was ok.

The two hour ride was through the desert and man those saddles were hard.... but great scenery and nice to get a ride in.

Mum arrived to stay two days after I got back and we have been busy seeing Carlos, my nephew,

and doing Mum/Daughter stuff so I have not done anything except groom the boys. Garbo seems to be not lame now. I have a lesson with Russell on Wednesday!! Eeek.

This afternoon I had a lovely afternoon in the sun grooming the boys and managed to clean out three of Coco's hooves!!

Finally we have had some rain... not sure where I will do the lesson with Maraschino as I don't want to pog the paddock up already.... plenty of time for that.


Cilla said...

Tsk Tsk no hat!! Gorgeous scenery and horse and how cute is Carlos!?
Good luck with the lesson on Wednesday x

Twinnie said...

Lovely pics - you always look so good in photos - why can't I !!!

Glad you are back!

Vicki said...

you are funny!

It's practise lol