Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obstacle Course at Jool's

Jools was attending a Western Ribbon Day today where they had to go through gates, under things, turn inside squares etc. She said we should enter because she reckons Parelli horses do really well. I would love to do something like that so I might do next time!

So she suggested we use her practise arena today instead.

Well firstly there were chickens to chase, (we rounded up some cows and herded them into a new paddock the other day!), poles laid in a square, paper cups hanging from baling twine to go under, a rope gate to open and close, a dirt filled tire, sacks on the ground and all sorts of other interesting things around the place.

We tried everything online first... he kept going out of the square while disengaging the HQ.
Then he was not too sure about going under the cups.... REALLY? he says to me!
Lets try the other eye...
Oh ok then. Yay Garbo.
Sniff out the signs.... after chasing the chickens again!
And we had a play with Jool's 'flag'. He was so much better with it today.

So then I got on bareback, one rein, and rode it all!! Cool fun. He was better not going over the edges of the pole square with me on funnily enough.

Then we had a play at liberty in the round pen - but it confirmed to me he is lame on front left I think. I have booked him in to see Tommy Berhns Chiropractor but he's not up till May 27 so I hope it comes right by then.


Cilla said...

That looks like fun!
Hope G is better soon.
c x

Connima said...

That sounds so much fun. Looking forward to seeing you both on Tuesday. About what time?

Vicki said...

It was fun! If we get there about 12 ? ok?

Twinnie said...

That does sound fun - Jools told me all about her obstacle course!! poor garbo - what do you think he has done to himself??

PS Must catch up soon so you can show me all that you learned with Mr Maraschino...

also hows Coco??

Vicki said...

I'm really not sure Jane. Just got him some free mover herbs for while I am away to see if that helps.

Def keen to show you the Russell pre-starting stuff. Need to review it myself to keep it in the forefront of my mind.