Saturday, April 3, 2010

Play day

Jane came over this morning for a hors play day. Garbo was again not really wanting to leave the paddock - so we started very slowly and Jane haltered Maraschino and I caught Garbo. The ground is still really hard and also I think Garbo has had a reaction to the new hay cubes or the chaff. He has been really panicking being in the yards. We decided it could be a mixture of that and the fact the ground is so hard and we had been doing a bit of canter lately and decided we would not do much more than walk today.

We didn't even go to the wash bay for a brush - just direct to the obstacles I had laid out we had barrels, a tarp, and a car windscreen sun shield, and the green ball. Plus I also had carrots.

So Garbo and I just had a nice relaxed touch it session and Jane had Maraschino touching and exploring everything too. Very calmly and very politely - it was a pleasure to watch - and so much fun being able to have two horses being played with at the same time. Coco, of course, was tagging along right behind Maraschino's tail.

At the end of the session Jane managed to ask Maraschino to put his front feet on the tire and he did it - clever boy - first time ever too! I missed the photo and we agreed that was enough for him for the day. He did so ell - over the tarp, the windscreen shield (which made funny noises he found out) and the barrels and ball.

Then Garbo had to have a go too of course and show Maraschino (and us) how it's really done!

Then I jumped on Garbo and we went for a nice walk, and a figure 8 or two and then Jane got on. I think Garbo had decided that anyone else getting on means trouble, so he didn't have a very happy look on his face initially which Jane read very well so she just sat there and patted him, eventually he yawned loads and blew a bit and then she asked him for a walk. She had a lovely walk around and a wee trot back to the spools (and me) and that was the morning gone!

It went so quickly. We have decided we are going to try and organise a play session each 6 weeks - somewhere.... while it's too far to take our own horses, we learn so much with others - and we all trust each other to play with our horses. and lunch is always good too!

Got confirmation from Parelli they received my audition today. They say it will take 3-4 weeks.


Vicki said...

Jane - I don't know what I did but I think I deleted your comment instead of publishing it!!! Sorry

Twinnie said...

No worries, here it is again.

Love the pics!! Didn't realise you'd got some of me and Maraschino, but I should have known...!! Doesn't garbo look proud - definitely 'his' pedestal.

Thanks for a great morning - enjoyed myself so much!
And yes I DID enjoy that little ride....thank you and Garbo..