Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's ride

I took Garbo to Jool's again today for a ride. By ourself which was very nice.

The grass was very bright green there after the rain - Garbo just wanted to eat and boy did he have a runny poo in the float on the way home.

Jool's horses were around the track one race away from the arena but Garbo was keen to see everyone.

We started with follow the rail again and with my goal of getting Garbo to canter when I ask not just a little bit after we start trotting. And to keep trotting.

I think I did a few laps but not enough and not consistently (as you can see we added a circle or two and a figure 8).

I was really trying to work on focus and looking out to the far distance (actually up at those huge trees). I felt a bit bumpy today - and Garbo was stumbling a bit - he needs his feet done. I tried to give Jool's a few hints while I was there lol. Garbo looks after me - if I got out of sync (esp in canter) he just goes down a gait.

Then I tied the reins to my saddle with the savvy string and started some bridleless practise - just to test. I noticed that Garbo does not see my turn aids as having any phases and the rein is the first phase...ooops... we also worked on bring our life down to stop (can you hear Pat t.a.l.k.i.n.g v.e.r.y s.l.o.w.l.y when he says that on L3.) and it actually worked quite well.

After the ride I took Garbos saddle and hackamore off and we had a wee play at Liberty since I think we will film our L3 Liberty here... it went ok - he was fine close but further out he would wander off. But he would canter back again. Jools commented on it looking good.

Might go back tomorrow. It was really windy today (again) as you can tell by the trees but the arena was sheltered by those same trees.

I went to the indoor arena to say goodbye and thanks to Jools and we got talking (I had Garbo with me since he's not too good at being left by the float alone), and she showed me how he needed to unlock his poll...(he was shaking his head and yawing after she had done some ground stuff with him (she can't resist) - she pulled the flag out!! But in the end he as fine with it - and then came the shaking and yawning. She showed me how to just move the halter and his head slowly from side to side and then he would naturally lower his head as his poll unlocks...meanwhile yawning and shaking his head.... and - he did! He looked half asleep by the time she had finished. It was cool.

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Twinnie said...

Interesting...can't wait to catch up and have a good chat!
J x