Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another sunny ride today

Boy it was hot and humid today but I persevered and stuck my black joddies on and went to Jools with Garbo for a ride. She offered us the indoor arena - we started off in there, playing touch it first around the edges since we had not ridden in there before and only been in it once. Garbo chased all the chickens out first too.

We tried a few yo yo's without circle.

Hi Milo.
I got on but it really was too small to do too much so we headed out to the grass arena again.
Funnily enough in the indoor arena - after we got past the saying hi to every horse around the outside eating hay, we got some lovely canter circles!

My goal was to trot the rail x 15 today - well we ended up cantering it (stopping at point A for a carrot each time) about 6 times plus about 7 times at trot with transitions and change of direction - so my plan kinda went out the window but you have to deal with the horse that shows up right?

I tried to focus on cantering with my body if he stopped cantering, and to start cantering from trot, and it worked well - heck we even did a flying change - must have been on the wrong lead and he swapped. Clever boy.

Afterwards we went back into the indoor arena and I took his gear off and we did some liberty. Jools commented again (I always think she isn't watching) how much he loves it.

She then jumped on Intrigue - her arab and went to check the drains.

Garbo could see them through the trees and was initially trying to figure out what it was he could see so far away - then called out. Oh and he rolled in the sand too - as you can see.

Garbo loved little Milo!!

Then we did some touch it since there were so many interesting things around the place.

So all in all a very well rounded day! Loading was great too! I have been asking on softly but if he looks like one little ounce of trying it on I get very assertive very quickly.

Here's some video of the Liberty, a bit of confusion with aids as you can see... but we are getting there and I am getting fitter - I edited out the parts where we were out of shot (camera was sitting on post).

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Twinnie said...

Well done for making the effort and getting out!!

Good to do liberty in a new place too, expanding the comfort zone.....