Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Forest ride and BFO

Well we went to the forest with 5 other horses today!

I got there really early (because Garbo loaded like a dream) and Cilla went with Annie the horse she is borrowing from Julie. I don't think I have ever ridden Garbo in such a big group in the forest. We got there early so we had a nice walk around and investigated the forest and grasses on all sides of the carpark - and of course all the email (poo).

Finally the others arrived and soon after that we set off. Garbo seemed knackered quite soon into the ride - and he was sweating alot by about 15 minutes into it. After he had a poo (he drifted back until everyone else was ahead) he started his steady pace of passing, one by one, all the others. First I thought it was just he had a faster walk but soon realised he was vying for the front spot. Julie has said 'no one passes me and Kiwi" - well - Garbo had other ideas!

I tried lifting his rein and tried partial disengagement too but he was dead set on leaning on Kiwi and trying to pass him. After a while he got in a tizz and started bucking on the spot, I think from me lifting the rein to hold him off Kiwi all the time. I got off and backed him up... then got back on - he had a very 'sorry' look on his face and sidled up to the log for me to get on.

Then we set off again and 5 minutes later same thing.... well this time Julie said - just let him go in front. So we did and calmly and confidently lead the whole ride back (sometimes way out in front) back. That's a FIRST!

You know - till today I never thought that was a dominance issue but I realised today it was. He was dominating Kiwi and thought his rightful place was at the front.


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