Sunday, December 13, 2009

When things appear when you need them...

After my session yesterday I came inside and blogged, had some cereal for dinner (lol) and read some more of the Rapport Mastery Manual. You know most of Level 3 online DVD (especially near the end) and just about all of the end of the Rapport manual is about thinking like a horse. Linda describes her horse Regalo would do things when asked - but on his own term and time. One day she watched him with her other horse Siren (the boss) in the pasture and saw Siren lunge at Regalo and bite him on the shoulder when he didn't move quick enough.

The next time she played with him and he just gave her a half hearted response she lunged at him with the carrot stick without moving her feet. She said he was kind of shocked and surprised and had a little bit of a RB reaction - so she friendlied him and then the next time she asked he had a completely different look on his face - his eyes were bright and ears forward, interested in what she was going to do next. Up until then she had been afraid to use a 'real phase 4' for what he might do as he was so sensitive. Then - he wanted to come to her - which blew her mind because she thought it would make him afraid.

I dreamt all night last night about this huge shift I have made mentally in the last couple of days. The images of the manual and the scenes of Pat on the DVD saying it too - were flashed before me over and over in my dreams - all night - and the letters or words BFO - Blinding Flash of the Obvious - kept coming to me. Everywhere I look now, on the DVDs, in the manual is the same message but I am hearing it finally.

I know now I was a carrot person - and now I am on my way to becoming an extreme middle of the roadist. I need to be consistent, particular but not critical, fair, have an attitude of justice, get firm without being mean or mad, and think like a horse! Wish me luck.

This is my savvy cat!

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Twinnie said...

Thats great Vicki - well done for doing your thinking at night!!

I know what you mean - I have known for years I am a 'carrot' person and am still finding it hard to keep my focus and be assertive, and use language and leadership rather than just love!