Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I spent alot of yesterday digging through old videos and new ones and editing them all together for the ParelliTube competition. I was really happy to wake up this morning to find they had chosen it to feature on ParelliTube. If you want to see it - here's the link.

It was really hard looking at some of the worst of the old stuff (I chose the worst for effect - but in effect it was 'the worst' that made me lose my confidence slowly).

I didn't think we would be fancy enough to feature but to me the Before's and Afters were so important - and judging by all the comments - it is to alot of people too. There are over 40 comments already on the Facebook Link on Parelli's Facebook page.

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Twinnie said...

Vicki that is just fantastic!! i KNEW it would strike a chord with a lot of people. Will venture onto facebook later I hope!!

That is a great achievement to choose to put some of the 'worst' PP moments on - we know that there would be some great ones too that you could have chosen....

J xx