Monday, December 7, 2009

Ride at Jools

Well we didn't get to Jool's yesterday - after al the rain the arena was a bit slippery - we did some float loading instead - it went quite well.

So today - I started to load about 2.30 I think, maybe 2.15pm. It took an hour and I have to say I got a wee bit frustrated near the end. He just would not go that extra bit and I knew he wasn't scared. So I made it very hard for him to be outside the float (no eating of grass or standing around allowed) and boy did we have some snappy sends and some good changes of direction - I still felt mean though - but not too bad.

I had to tap his bum and his legs with the stick to get him on completely - he didn't like it very much (he's very sensitive)....gawd do I sound like an over protective mother?

So between tapping (the way I looked at it was driving game but he wasn't moving so we were making contact - horses would do that right!). Finally - he was on. I think as soon as the divider start being moved he was freaking out a bit so Jools helped me with that when loading on the way back and it was much improved. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes.

So - when we arrived (oh we left at 3.15pm) -he was a bit on edge as there was no one else riding with us (no other horse in the parking paddock). When we got in the arena I still had the 22ft on but also had the saddle and my helmet attached to the saddle, on, and the stirrups down).. he was a bit spooky initially - spooking at dead areas on the grass - it was freshly mown so had yellow dead patches where the tires had been. For a bit there I was thinking - don't think I'll be riding today.

Jools asked if she could ride Intrigue in the arena at the same time - I said sure - good practice for Garbo. Jools was great she let me have the outside rail as she saw what we were doing.

I did quite a bit more of partial disengagement today - even a bit at canter (hell yes I can now think and canter!!). And we did nearly canter all the way round the arena!

He tends to gravitate in to the middle...wonder if that is something I am doing (during canter)...

Then I thought we'd try some Figure 8 - he offered canter - oh my goodness. Jools was pretty impressed with that and his trot - he has a lovely trot when he gets going.

I think I rode for about 1.5 hours and not all at walk like other times, lots of trot -about 60%, lots of canter (about 15% ) and about 25% walk and back up and stop. Hopefully that all adds too 100!

He tries so hard for me - he really is such an awesome horse.

We have a lesson with Russell on Friday - might do some trailer loading. I want to work on making my phases lighter- especially at change of direction.

Back to watching Level 3 - I am only 56 minutes into the online dvd. It's great.

Sorry - forgot to take my camera!

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Twinnie said...

Fantastic progress - you are doing SO well...this comment is getting very repetitive now but you really are progressing!!