Thursday, December 3, 2009

The dreaded clipper simulation

Finally I found a mini massager (thanks Fly Buys) and today I played some approach and retreat with Garbo.

The reason I know he is scared of clippers is because he pulled back one day where I used to graze, and left us to it (disappearing off down the race to see Blue) when the lady clipping some other horses turned the clippers on.

So it's something I have been meaning to try for ages.

Well - when I first turned it on he tried to back up, snorted and tried to leave but after a bit of approach and retreat (started massaging the lead rope attached to his halter) he managed to sniff it briefly. He was really not happy at all.

After about 10 minutes he was following it ok and I managed to touch his shoulder and withers and bum with it - but he was holding his breath!

Once he licked I stopped and it took him quite some time to relax.

More tomorrow.

It was very amusing tonight at dinner time - they were all at the farthest Eastern point of the track like they were 'stuck'..I called and called but they just looked at me like they wanted to come through the taped off bit - the newly sown grass.

In the end I had to go get Garbo and he was very unconfident on the western side - not sure if there were pheasants hiding along the fence or what (it was an Easterly - we have not had one of those for quite a while).

Once I had Garbo half way round the track Maraschino made a run for it - full gallop.

Here is Maraschino and Coco playing just before then.

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