Sunday, December 20, 2009

Level 3 Float loading - we got it!

I used to watch all these amazing trailer loading videos that Pat and Linda do and think - gosh that's an energetic horse, or 'they are really good at that' - never really realising that at Level 3 - that's what the Parelli's are looking for. Or - more to the point - that Garbo would ever trot into the trailer. I guess in mind my I had some fairytale idea one day in the far off distance future it might happen - but guess what - we have it! Not quite cantering in on top and grabbing the roof of the float as Garbo jumps in - but you know - we are getting there LOL.

Jane came over this afternoon for a play day and we ended a great afternoon with this (three tries in all I think and all three were pretty good) - this wasn't even the best one - he went in from me further away as well (me further out to the left).

During the afternoon we worked on transitions downwards - you know what - Garbo sends now at canter - he can't do a walk send. I am definitely not complaining! Like Jane said I think my short horse is becoming more of a medium horse.

He jumped quite a high jump at liberty which I was really pleased with (once with me asking him to).

So for Level 3 online here is my to do list;
  • Green ball on horse - friendly game
  • flag (plastic bag on end of CS) friendly game
  • downwards transitions
  • refining change of direction
  • Jumping on circle

Level 3 Liberty to do list;
  • Back up (without going off into a circle)
  • change of direction
  • transitions down
You can see the pattern here, hey!

Sending out cyber good thoughts to Cilla and Lizzie this week.
And Hana - get well soon.

Here's a nice piccy of Jane and Maraschino doing some friendly game. Yes, Russell told me last week that standing in neutral is also friendly game.


Twinnie said...

Thanks for a great day! Yes the float loading was even better than the video shows.....

Connima said...

giggled at the photo of Jane behind M.

You are getting so close to L3.

Thanks for the good vibes.