Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today went really well

Garbo and I had a great session today - first I gave him a nice brush (finally all his winter coat has gone) then we had some wash bag float practise - all good there.. yay, then I took him into the middle paddock which I had just mowed.

Started with my new improved back up - you know that alone makes soooo much difference to everything else. Yes, I know - how many times have you heard Pat say - the better they back up they better they do everything else..... (kah-ching!)...

Then we had some lovely sends in the right direction (the one I asked for) and we practised downwards transitions with the CS. Garbo still thinks it means go faster if I am far away so I need to watch the L3 online DVD again for that... and then some change of directions - both ways - yeeha! We got it!

Oh - at one point Garbo did such a big send after COD that the rope popper slipped out of my hand and he took off to the gate then realised the 22ft rope was chasing him - lol - he stopped and stared at it...I went up and did de-sensitising with the 22 on the ground - I must try the drag something task one day. Was wondering at the time how different the reaction would have been had it been young Mr Maraschino!

Garbo was still a little bit unconfident about friendly today (swinging rope over his back (22) rhythmically) but I took a break and let him graze the new grass I have uncovered earlier by moving the tape... then we did some more closer range transitions and I left it at that. Pretty pleased - transitions up are fabulous - I just take a deep breath, need to soften the phase for the downwards now.

Got a bit confused about how to hold the CS (if it was under the rope) for downwards - so off to watch the DVD again - that chapter anyway.

Did day three of mini massager - now when it's on Maraschino queues up for a massage - then falls asleep. Garbo still very "WTF!" Scuse my french! But I found a retreat spot (retreat within a retreat) - under his belly - his muzzle quivered a little there and he looked more relaxed. His left hind muscles above his leg were really tight so I used a bit of pressure with the massager there and I think he finally looked at it differently. NOt sure if I have mentioned the scar by his tail (in line with his tail) so I think he may have been injured with clippers in the past.

If it's not too rainy tomorrow I'll go out to Jool's for a ride. Watched the Level 3 Freestyle today too! So much to do!

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