Monday, December 28, 2009

Mini Massager progress

Well today I got all the boys in (well Coco just parked himself behind me while I was tying Maraschino up (with his nose touching me)...

so they all had a groom - yes even Coco - everywhere - I didn't comb his mane though but gave it a good itch). I sprayed them all with flyspray - yes, even Coco, then I got the massager out.

It seems it was good to just treat it like the 'next' brush for Garbo as he stood with his leg cocked (a little unsure) but not too bad at all - no flinching or jumping today.

Maraschino tried to eat it.

Coco was happy for it to just rest on him (it was going)..... he loves it.


Cilla said...

Look how shiny Coco is too. Great photos Buddy.
I wish I could suck the warm out of the monitor screen! Lol xxx

Twinnie said...

Great progress with Garbo AND Coco - well done!!
J x