Sunday, July 12, 2009

Head in the Sand

I was just re-watching the June Savvy Club DVD on the Left Brain Introvert, actually it was Linda's segment on the Right Brain Introvert, where pat was trying to get the horse to lower his head. Linda said that when a Introvert comes in to you and lowers it's head to your feet, it's going introverted, head in the sand type thing.

I was really pleased to hear that, because about a year ago Garbo and I were going through a fairly steep learning curve and often (usually after circling game, often after asking for canter), he would come in to me, and lower his head for ages. A friend said it was submission, and that it was a good thing, but I had my doubts and read it as 'hiding' and unconfidence.

He also did it during one of our early mammoth float loading sessions....
Here's the link to a video of it - gosh it was interesting watching that again today almost 2 years on.

So I was very pleased to be right (a whole year ago knowledge wise), but I guess you read your own horse the best hopefully hey.


Cilla said...

Lizzie did that on the Parelli course when I pushed and pushed for sideways. It was very upsetting for me. I knew I had asked too much that day and ended up in tears infront of everyone. I am pleased i knew what had happened and I stopped doing anything at all and just let her rest and friendlied her until she came out of it.
Of course the next day we had sideways as if nothing has happened and she knew it all along and we got to ride.
c x

Vicki said...

Isn't it great that we know how to read them now though and therefore know when to stop ...

And yes, they do it the next day after thinking on it overnight lol - as if it's 'easy as'