Sunday, July 12, 2009

July Teleseminar

Garbo and I in August 2007 - our first one rein, no bit ride.

I didn't send in any questions for the teleseminar this month. I didn't have any really pressing ones... but I shall think on for next time.

The clarity this month was so much better than last month - Pat sounded like he was talking on a tin can and string telephone last time.

There was lot about the new instructor courses and how a Level Three student can do a two week course and then (if they pass) become a one star instructor for just online (say). This is to help boost the instructor numbers and also to enable people who don't wish to travel the world to teach, or to teach full time, to teach the basics and safety to the local community.

I could see myself doing a bit of that one day. I know Jacqui and Russell disagree but there needs to be more instructors in NZ.

It was interesting to hear that Linda wants to ride Grand Prix Dressage but she does not want to compete anymore. I was hoping she was going to go out there and kick butt and show everyone what can be achieved in dressage naturally. But I think the message will still get through to the ones that want to hear. I can't wait for the Savvy Club DVDs on the stuff she has been learning.

Linda said it's her goal now to learn everything she can so she can then be our teacher. Yay.

There were only a few notes I made that really stuck out for me...

  1. How can you become more interesting than that grass?
  2. Dominance in the human = Leadership with a plan
  3. If the horse is unconfident - back off
  4. If the horse is dominant - back them off
  5. And on my favourtite subject of circling game with the LBI - every time he breaks re-send him or do a change of direction (which incudes a send) and play tag but only tag with a spot on the ground where the horse was - then it makes it a game of how to get away from that spot.
Interestly enough Linda said doing 20+ laps ona circle for a LBi is L3+. They don't expect it in L2 if you have an LBI.

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Twinnie said...

Haaa 20 laps - you are well on your way with L3 then!! I found the predominate/4 quadrant horsenality question helpful too along with all the other stuff. maybe I justdidn'tunderstand properly the importance of the wordsat the end oftheaxis, wentmoreon the dots...

Isn't Garbo nice and relaxed in your first one rein ride....