Monday, July 20, 2009

Good groom progress

Coco came into the wash bay again today while the others were being groomed and stood with his bum towards me like an invitation so I started to comb his tail, then I moved up a bit more, and a bit more, and eventually (with Maraschino's help) got to the start of his mane which is a first. I got it on video too - this is video #2 so I had already been doing it for at least as long as this video when I started filming.

PLEASE excuse my singing!!!


As you can see ears forward today. I went after this. to get a brush but the spell was broken (as Cilla likes to say). I tried again and he was a bit more tense but he stood reasonably still until I brushed down the side of his tummy. So it's a game of approach and retreat at the moment to see where he is happy to have me touch him, where it's ok for me to stand etc. But great progress!

And a tail shot for Cilla...


Cilla said...

Aww Vicky!!!! I am so thrilled to see him doing so well and M helping too. He will be a very sweet guy when you finally win all of him over! Bless you for doing this. xxx

Cilla said...

p.s. Your singing isn't too bad either!

Twinnie said...

Vicki that is just amazing!! Maraschino is also so cute 'helping' - looked like you had a great day and even had some sun!! Gorgeous tail Coco.