Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coco's tail

Coco let me comb his tail today - not just for a second but to get all the knots out AND spray tail conditioner on it too!!

I was grooming the two big boys and as usual Coco came in and faced out with his back end towards me. In between combing tails of the other two (and Coco had been watching), I leaned over and touched the comb (first I let him smell the comb) on his back end near his tail. He tensed a little but didn't move away, so I combed around his hind end on top, and then thought I would see what happened if I combed his tail. I started at the top where there are short bits so easy to comb and he didn't move, so I continued. I started counting (the seconds) out loud, but he really didn't seem too bothered so I started talking to him instead, then to the others. He had his ears on me, and you could see his breathing was quite fast but he wasn't restrained so he could have moved away at any stage. I was combing quite rigourously (there were lots of knots) and he still stayed there so after a few minutes I walked away to get the mane and tail conditioner spray. Yes - I walked away first!

When I came back I put the conditioner bottle on the ground and let him sniff it (he had turned around), and combed Maraschinos tail, Coco turned around again so I combed his taile again and even stood out to the side to get the knots out.... and then picked up the spray and sprayed all his tail, he didn't move! I couldn't quite believe it.

I combed a bit more and then went to get a different brush - but by then he had had enough so I gave him a treat and left it at that - a lovely knot free tail!!!

It seems all the interaction we have each night when I clean out his yard (and then give him a treat) - plus the home made treats, is doing good. At night when I am in his yeard he sniffs my hair or my face and then licks his lips. I then move away as a reward.

I am very happy with our progress, it's taken 6 and a half months to get to this point but I know now that when he finally lets go he will be a trusting pony with a real character.

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Cilla said...

Thats wonderful! Well done to you for your patience and Coco for being brave. Can we see photos of that lovely knot free tail please lol?
c x