Sunday, July 26, 2009

My lonely 45ft line

Hee hee my 45ft line has only had two plays since I got it in March at the Sydney conference. I left it out in the sun today to try and loosen it up a bit - can't really bring myself to 'get it dirty' like everyone says I should but I know I need to!

We have only used it for grazing twice with Garbo and then for him to get used to it on him as well. It is winter and I can't play in the paddocks - roll on Spring is what I say (my 45ft does too!). We are nearly at the Equinox which means bigger jumps to more daylight minutes each day (so drier paddocks).. yay.
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Cilla said...

I have one of those!! I took it out the other day, played with it a bit and thought, yes this is ok and have now forgotten about it again. sigh. Thanks for reminding me about it sitting sadly in my shed and not being used!
c x