Sunday, July 5, 2009

The three amigos

This is a normal afternoon - I start by bringing Garbo into the washbay and the other two are not far behind. I usually brush Garbo and Maraschino in turns but I had just made some treats in the weekend and they all think they are pretty yummy so all have there 'can I have a treat' face on.

At one point when Coco was facing out but standing in the wash bay I reached over with the curry comb and he didn't move so I just started brushing him with it. He still didn't move and I managed to brush all of the top of his rump and by his tail and his back. After about 2 minutes I reached the mane and with area and he took a step away - but what a fantastic step to have made. He had both ears on me (back) while I was doing it.
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Twinnie said...

Interesting....2 minutes - think it was 30 seconds recently - pretty soon he will be demanding you brush him all afternoon!

Cilla said...

theres not so much of that elephant left to eat now, is there. cool!

Vicki said...

Yes, well when I tried again after he walked away he wasn't ready for more but it's still great progress..