Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cilla's Savvy Challenge

12 hours previous Cilla had done this in the UK on Lizzie, and she wanted me to do it today too. So here we are, Garbo thought this was the best ride ever- he didn't have to move lol. As you can see he was completely non-plussed like Lizzie. It was easier than I thought actually - and the standing in one stirrup was easier from the far side bizarrely. Check out my spring like attire complete with gumboots.

This is where I keep the brush when I am not using it lol.

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Cilla said...

Ha ha ha ha! Show off, look no hands!!
Well done Vicki. I said it was quite easy really once you got the idea eh.
Did it make you feel good? x

Twinnie said...

Good on you!! Garbo doesn't look too worried. When do you get to try trot and canter...