Friday, August 7, 2009

Spring time already

I decided to take Garbo up to see the lambs today after work. Maraschino didn't look too worried... apparently he was calling out while we were up the road but I didn't hear him and when we got back this was what we were greeted with. I had been watching the large paddock on the way back down the road to the house and couldn't see him running (couldn't see him at all).

I had to leave Garbo while I went to get my camera memory stick and this is what happened when I got back.

Anyway - we didn't see the lambs but Garbo was very keen to investigate the road setting off at a fast walk.

The next door dog came running over to the fenceline at one stage and frightened Garbo - he lept forward and spun round on the end of the 22, I led him towards me (and the dog) and to the grass until the dog buggered off - I gave it the evil eye.

We worked on "I am in charge of which grass you eat and when becaise I know where the good stuff is" and "when I walk you walk"...

Back in the property I groomed the big boys and then stuck the 45ft line of Garbo since the paddocks were drier and off we went for a play - just did driving from zone 3 and 5, some sideways (when I drive from zone 5 and the rope touches his side he goes sideways)... and some circle on the end of the 45 at walk, a change of direction and a draw, and that was about it. He was great. Looking forward to trying trot when the paddocks are a bit drier - maybe the weekend.
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Twinnie said...

Wasn't it great to see some sun!! Good for you for using the 45ft. Maraschino looks quite chilled must have done a goodjob with separation training last time..