Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Play day at Janes

Today I travelled 85 minutes south to Jane's house for the day. I didn't take Garbo - just me, and Hana came too. Jane has 4 horses, one set of three year old twins and two horses she is working with on her Level 2 assessment preparation.

Firstly I showed Jane the basics of clicker training - I think it's a good add on to Parelli as it marks the exact behaviour with the click. She started with Rafiki and then Cameo, and then the twins. Rafiki was loose in the area we were working in and she decided that she wanted to keep playing clicker.

Shiraz was more than keen to show us her trick!! About 20 times. lol so cute.

Merlot is a Left Brain Extrovert as you can see - he just wanted to eat the umbrella - he's a real cutie.
The others were in the pens while we played the despooking game and none of them really worried about anything. Jane even squeezed them both back through Hana and I twirling the umbrellas either side.
After a great lunch we worked on 'not pulling back when tied' with the twins and also tried distracting them with umbrellas and a carrot stick and plastic bag, while Jane played with them. They were both really great.

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Connima said...

My favorite photo is of Jane and the Twins.

As always its great to catch up with you guys.

My turn next month.

Twinnie said...

Great pics Vicki thank you SO much!! My favourite pic is Merlot trying to kiss you under the umbrella!! He is one fun horse, isn't he!