Wednesday, August 12, 2009

dry ground

I have had the last few days off from the horses because the parents from hell who think their 18 year olds do no wrong, have been hassling me and being totally unreasonable. Today I had no calls or emails so my mind was clearer and able to 'be' with the horses instead of 'being' elsewhere.

And finally the paddock was dry enough to 'play' in again. I took Garbo for a graze first on some long grass by the wash bay and then for a quick liberty session in the middle paddock. We just did a bit of stick to me at trot - some canter circles (eggs round the clay pile actually) and a little bit of figure eight.

A couple of times he headed back to the gate but I was able to get him back by asking him in and he cantered to me (from about 60ft away). Most people would be scared of that (normals) but the look on his face was so sweet - ears forward very cute. And I watch his back legs starting to stop just before he gets to me.

Tried them all on some dates today - Garbo likes them but spat a couple out, Maraschino ate his hand me downs. Coco loves them! I kissed Coco on the nose twice and nearly got him sniffing inside a bucket while I was holding it (that is obviously how people used to trick him into being caught as he is very wary of that one).

The boys have been out 24/7 the last week and a half with no rain and spring like temperatures. Lovely! No covers either! Great since they are moulting.


Cilla said...

I think Lizzie would report me to the RSPCA if I gave her dates!
More progress with Coco, cool. Have you got that headcollar off yet!?
c x

Twinnie said...

Well done!!! Draw at a canter - you'll be taking your L3 when I'm still trying to finish my L2!!

hasn't it been great to have dry paddocks...

Greatprogress with Coco too -him letting you kiss his nose twice is certainly something...

Vicki said...

no headcollar still a 'no go' area according to Coco Chanel