Friday, May 1, 2009

Grooming afternoon

I didn't do chores today when I got home I decided to get my iPod out and play music in the wash bay while I groomed the boys. I just opened the gate and left it open. I decided to tie the lines to the hitching rings for the two big horses, so that Maraschino could get used to being tied up. My high hitching rings are so safe for him - he quite happily stood there finding his own boundaries without being in danger of stepping on the rope or getting tangled.

Then Coco walked in like it was no big deal as if to say Hi I am here too with the big boys. He nibbled on some grass round the edges and hung around watching me groom the boys. I would go from one horse to the other and I just kept my energy the same...I was singing actually which they all seemed to enjoy - don't they say singing helps keep your voice even and therefore your energy. Glad no one else could hear though!

Coco was watching intently while I groomed Maraschino, massaging his legs, and at one point he was about 5 inches from me - checking it all out. He wandered in and out and just hung out for the whole 2 hours - yes - it's a bit of a 'makeover' when they do get groomed -plus two horses you know.

I have been reading Pats book - Natural Horse*Man*Ship and I have got two things from it so far... when I pick up Maraschinos back feet or approach him from behind I should be sure his ears are facing me so that he knows I am there. I looked at his ears today while brushing his back end and they were both firmly planted on me - like someone had sewn his ears on back to front. lol. Good tip!

The other thing I got was that if you don't have two eyes (while backing or as you are about to send on circle) then they are thinking of going in the direction of the eye you can't see. Hah! That will be useful with Garbo.

I think Garbo really enjoyed just having a bit of a groom - he can act like he doesn't like it but once he settles into it I think he does really. He was quite smoochy after a while. And he spent ages smelling each brush before I used it. How cute is this face!?

Then I fed them and Coco stayed in the wash bay so I fed him in there and was working all round him filling up hay nets and water and he didn't jump or budge at all.

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