Sunday, May 17, 2009

Green ball

I could see the rain approaching on the rain radar right from when I got up so I made sure I did the yards and the poos and some more sand in the gateways before I played with Garbo. Since it was just about to rain I decided just to do something in the wash bay - the ground is still a bit soft so we would make a mess trying to do anything beyond a walk online.

Garbo has always had a fear of the green ball above his shoulder - ie I can't get it on his back with him remaining confident. So I decided we would work on that today with some treats. Hay cubes. I managed to get him to follow the ball and eat treats off it, and I had just started putting it on top of the gate for him to put his nose on, when unexpected visitors arrived (nearly jumped out of my skin as they just came round the barn to the wash bay area). It was the architect (sp?) from Harmony Homes, he has been up in Woodhill Forest at the Tarzan Ropes course and decided to pop by and see what the house looked like in real life.

So - I had to stop our session and put Garbo's cover on (as it was kind spitting) and go and show them through the house. Don't get me wrong I normally don't mind un-announced visitors but I only had a small window of time to play with Garbo and I was going to play with Maraschino as well, today and it was cut short.

I have been watching the TV shows episodes of Parelli TV on the Savvy Club forum. The "Video: Ep501A : 1- 7 -2009 - Lesson - On Line in Round Pen" was just what I needed to see today again. It shows a LBI horse reluctant to circle so I was able to see a clear reminder of the phases and tagging, and then the horse came in and crowded her like Garbo does and Linda said it was unconfidence and the last thing you should do is shoo him away. She friendlied him from Zone 3 where he wanted her and then backed him out again.

I also watched changes of direction at Liberty and I am just watching Hide Your Hiney now. It's good to see these reminders.

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