Thursday, May 14, 2009


The verse that was in the front of the Savvy Times a couple of times was really cool - I decided to get it printed onto canvas with a nice border, to hang above my tack roon/feedroom doorway.

It's not about disposable horses... It's about relationships for life.
It's not about quick fixes and artificial aids... It's about savvy – true understanding and expertise.
It's not about winning and others losing... It's about win-win: you and the horse need to feel good about it.
It's not about me me me... It's about changing the world for horses, becoming a person of knowledge and influence and sharing what you know.
It's not about fear and doubt... It's about unconditional love and trust. Love for the empowerment of others; and trust that you'll never ask the horse to do something that would hurt or diminish his dignity.

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