Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday and more 45ft line

My hubby took this photo while I was at work - he texted me saying 'sleepy time for horses'. How sweet. He knows I like to know what they are doing when I am not home. I really cannot wait to be working at home again - it's been a long year going 'out' to work.

I bought three rock salt blocks on strings (like soap on a rope) today for the boys yard and was busy attaching them when Garbo came and asked what on earth I was up to.
Then he said could you pass me some carrots from in there please. He is such a schmoozer. Linda talked about Remmer and Allure being schmoozers last night in the Tele-Seminar. I am sure if I opened the door far enough he would come in and help himself.

Ok so more 45ft work Garbo! He didn't like me rubbing him with it much but better than yesterday. Every time he made a change for the good I gave him a hay cube. He held his breath and swallowed for a bit and then kept tossing his nose towards me trying to make me stop, but I persisted and eventually he let out a breath and then a big sigh and a lick so I gave him a treat and took the rope away.

Then I put it on his back while I took photos - he wasn't tied up and the wash bay gate was open, but he didn't try and leave.

See the sneaky introverted lick.

Then we did some lead by the hind leg (backwards)... tried initially with the lead rope on the ground - a little bit of opposition reflex here but once I reinforced it means back up, with shaking the rope attached to his halter he got it and we did a few lengths of the wash bay with a hay cube at each end before walking forwards to start over.

He got it without the lead rope in the last few... we will see what that's like again on Monday - or Sunday if not too wet - won't be doing anything tomorrow I don't think except keeping dry!


Twinnie said...

That is great progress - he looks a lot less worried than previously. Does he only put his ears out to the side (I call them 'aeroplane ears' when Rafiks does it) when he is worried??

Love the pic of him asking for carrots!! He is a real 'kitchen horse'- would come in and put his feet up, cross his legs and settle in if he was human, I would think!

Vicki said...

Yes, he only puts his ears to the side when he is worried or unsure, usually at thresholds. They are so cute like that from the front aren't they - aeroplane ears - great name!!