Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm so tired Mum

I took this picture of Garbo this morning. The ground was quite wet as it had rained a couple of hours prior to this. He was trying out his new cover I think - plus christening it in mud!

Later in the day I let Garbo through to some more grass next to the hay shed and Maraschino came cantering over from the other end of the track. I decided to take the opportunity to play with him.

I haltered him and made sure I had treats (I think part of his excitement is that there is not much grass at the moment and he thinks he is missing out) - like someone I know says "it's like eating lettuce leaves" when she referred to the grass in winter.

I started with porcupine game, quick review and check to see if everything was working, FQ and HQ - got balls at both ends. He pushed a little with his nose when I asked him to back for the 2nd time by the nose (first time was a dream). Then I did head down with my hand on top of his head, he finds this harder than asking with the lead rope from the chin. He keeps his head down which is different to Garbo who has never been good at keeping his head down, too interested in seeing what is going on. They are quite different really - Maraschino is so very sensitive, Garbo is too but it's more 'taking it personally and being cross with himself for getting something wrong' whereas Maraschino looks to me for leadership constantly. When we play he does not take his eyes off me.

After that he did some of his huge yawns, his tongue sticks out the side and twists, eyes roll backwards. LOL.

Then I got the ball out and managed to get it on to his back first pop, almost as quick as Pat does, and I gave him a treat with it still on there (that took some doing - I swear I need another hand - or an assistant!!). I then got lateral flexion (offered) to get the treats while the ball was still on his back - clever boy (more than what I can do with Garbo with that big scary green ball).

We did 'kick the ball' too - played a bit of soccer on the wash bay and ended it there (all that took about half an hour and it successfully took his mind off Garbo being away finally).

No photos sorry - had my hands full!


Cilla said...

I bet you had your hands full! Wonderful post Vicki,so descriptive that I was there re-living it. yay! Go Maraschino. He sounds great to play with. x

Twinnie said...

Loved the pic of Garbo!! Does he snore? Rafiki does!
You are making great progress with Maraschino - fantastic - wish I was that progressive with the twins. I just work on 'everything means something'.