Thursday, May 28, 2009

45ft line christening

After the play session with Maraschino I grabbed by 45ft line and showed Garbo. He had a sniff but he didn't think much of it while I was trying to untangle it - it had not even been unwound yet and I got it in March at the conference. My bad.

So once I hooked him up he seemed fine with it while I practised throwing it and curling it back up. Then Garbo got it round his legs and that was fine too.... phew.

I yo-yo'd him all the way to the end first pop, using phase two I suppose. Uphill too.

I tried sideways but HAVE NO IDEA how to drive him from that far away - he knows I can't touch him and the only way the yo yo works is because phase 4 connects with him - but you can't do that with sideways or circle. Any ideas? I guess I have had the same problem with the 22ft as well. Tapping the air really does nothing, neither does the 'look'.

It took a bit of approach and retreat to get the 45ft rope on him - as you can see is is not at all impressed. We will work on this a bit more.

On another note - I have been reading the Savvy Times and the article by Pat on Finding Neutral. When in neutral on the circle game you should not be focussing on the horse (if he will stop or change gaits or not) because they can read our intentions - so a true neutral is gazing away or thinking about something else, or talking to someone. Interesting hey.

I find it interesting that they can read our intentions - no matter if we try and fake it. It's so true!

Our first Tele-Seminar tonight at 9pm - I'll let you know how it is.


Twinnie said...

Well done!! yoyo all that way.Have you tried sideways with 23ft then 24ft etc etc?? Love Garbo's expression with rope on his back...
What is a teleseminar??

Vicki said...

no I haven't done that - naughty me - shall try that tomorrow since it looks like it will be another lovely day. Classic face hey - I AM NOT impressed Mum - get this thing off me - NOW