Monday, May 18, 2009

Green ball day 2

I gave Garbo a groom (first thing he does when I take his cover off is roll in any dirt he can find).
Then we started on the green ball thresholds again. I gave him a treat each time he touched his nose on the ball.

Then I put the ball on top of the gate - he couldn't even look at it initially, and look all worried.

I asked him to be brave and come forward to the ball and eventually he did. I gave him a treat as soon as he touched his nose on it. He licked and chewed alot.

Then I moved it so that it was up against the post and me and slowly moved it up higher every time he put his nose on it comfortably. In the end he was a pro lol. This was above my shoulder.

I thought that was a pretty good session so ended it there and put the ball back in it's corner - Garbo was so funny - he wouldn't take his nose off it.

I have rushed putting the ball on his back before and he has had it on his back while he freezes and his back twinges. I notice his back does that sometimes just as I am about to put his cover on too. So I think this will be a good thing to get through.

Maraschino came over while I had it on the gate and sniffed all over the ball - funny doesn't worry my little RBI at all. Who would have thought!

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Connima said...

Hi Vicki

We love playing with the green ball its so much fun. I wish those soccer balls we saw at Expo were not so expensive.

Have you left it in the paddock with them to see what they do with the ball.