Monday, May 11, 2009

Coco gets a scratch

You will have to try and get this visual picture really well so I can explain how it happened.

I was standing near Coco and Maraschino came over to say hi too. Coco didn't move, he was facing away from me and I was just by his right hind leg. Maraschino stuck his head between me and Coco's hind leg and put his nose on Coco's back. Coco didn't move. I reached under Maraschino's neck and touched Coco's hind end - just on top above his tail but on the flat part. He didn't move so I started scratching thinking that he would just think it was Maraschino grooming him.

He still didn't move, so I kept scratching and started breaking up all the caked mud, and seperating all the hair that had stuck together from the rain. He was loving it... I reached a bit further forward to see if perhaps his wither area would be his sweet spot but he moved forward as if to say 'no - just where you were is fine'.

At this stage I still didn't know if he knew it was me and not Maraschino - Maraschino was trying to help. Lol.

Then - Maraschino moved his head over the top of me and therefore put me next to Coco and Maraschino obviously on the other side of me. I had been watching Coco's ears - he had them on me - then he turned his head and looked straight at me scratching him, and he didn't move away.!!

Maraschino moved again then adn the spell was broken and Coco moved away.

I tried to get next to him again without Maraschino but he saw my direct line-ness and moved away.

I was so happy.

People have obviously used feed buckets to catch him in the past because if you move the bucket towards him he jumps away.

Anyway - one step at a time hey.

I saw some cute as covers for minis today and thought one day he can have a rain coat too like the big boys.


Connima said...

Its like eating an elephant one bite at a time.

Cilla said...

Oh Vicki that's marvelous. Like Connima said, one bite at a time lol!