Thursday, April 30, 2009


I started online in the round pen. Garbo saw the pole and decided he could stop there, and then come sideways to me. Thanks Garbo!

This photo is not complimentary of Garbo - it was after I backed him up at Liberty. Just after this photo I gave him a carrot - that helped. I returned to the middle and he went to follow me in so I asked him to back up again, then gave him another carrot, and returned to the middle. Circles were better today but I need to be able to use less CS, as he shows a little unconfidence after I have used Phase 4.

I added the pole - as before he has always stopped at the pole (after giving a treat for stopping over the pole...) - so we worked on that today - I asked very quietly for him to continue each time he stopped over it (and looked at me with a big question). You know what he did next? He didn't stop at the pole, he just made the circle smaller so he didn't have to trot over it. LOL.

I used driving game to ask him to go back out. Then after a few circles at trot I asked him in and gave him a carrot. I think I really need to work on this too - because when he comes in without me asking I use the CS to say no- I didn't ask you to come in, so now when I do ask him in he kind of runs in and then sides up to me instead of face on as if he thinks I am going to ask him out again. hmmmmmmmmmm.

I backed him up and asked for a circle again, at trot. He started well and then did a bulls eye (we have not done that pattern yet) and started creeping closer and closer and also getting faster, he cantered, he ended up cantering round me about 5 ft away!

All I could do was laugh - what else can you do with these smart horses?

So - leave me a comment - what do YOU do to get your LBI further out from you while he is circling.?
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Connima said...

Hi Vicki

I always get something from your blog. We have the same problem. I might try putting a surprise carrot on top of a couple of the pigtails.

Vicki said...