Sunday, April 5, 2009

Horse Expo

Hana and I went to the Horse Expo today and we found ourselves underwhelmed. We decided that we look at horses and riders through different eyes now and the cranked shut mouth on the Grand Prix Dressage horse, or the so called western riders pulling on their horses mouths, or the stallion handler yanking the chain bridle everytime the horse tries to stand on top of them, or the Hunt horses looking extremely uptight with their heads in the air anticipating the canter, - just don't do it for us anymore. It was a pleasant afternoon in the sun and we got to catch up with a whole pile of people anyway.

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Amanda said...

yeah i have had that experience at alot of places i still do horse shows Dressage mostly and some of the things you see can really nerve you i occasionally go to a barn that i used to board at and boy it is horrible to see the way the horses are treated i call it the land of the normals lol :)
yeah it kinda makes me angry what alot of horses have to go through