Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forest ride

Had a great ride in the forest with Bronwyn and Critey today. We dodged a couple of light showers because the forest canopy protected us. Garbo loaded perfectly both ways. Since those two hour long sessions I have not had a problem. Cool huh.

This is the road up to the horse park - looking lovely with the autumn leaves.

We had a lovely long ride - all walk - and we were out for 2 and a half hours! By the time I got home I had been gone three hours so George was just about to text and see where we were.

Garbo was really good. I am not quite sure why but he was taking the cross country routes today instead of the main track. I was really concentrating on not using the reins to turn and to just use my body.

We heard a few deer rutting... it's a strange noise (it's roaring season). Critey is listening here.

Going a bit off track here past the Toi Tois.

Garbo going through the drive through!

As you can see he was pretty sweaty when we got back.

When we got back Maraschino came trotting up to the gate but George said he was really good - and we were away 3 hours - great news!

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cilla said...

Yeah go on, rub it in cos G loads! lol. What fantastic photos. It looks like our rides at first glance 'till you really look at the foliage and realise its exotic!
sounds like you had fun and good news that M is ok with it all.X